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Meet the New Year. Same as the Old Year.

Happy 2016, everybody. 2015 wasn’t a bad year overall, and we’re hoping that 2016 will bring us more sex, more intimacy, more kinkery, and more weird sex news. Like this headline in the UK Daily Record, for instance: Man fitted … Continue reading

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Lingerie, nipples, and the softer side of Sears

Because I’m a guy, I still shop at Sears. The Craftsman Tool line is still pretty good, they have snowblower and lawnmower parts, and they often have good deals on appliances. But apparently some people still shop for clothes there, … Continue reading

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Stressed men like big women

So I’m just browsing  porn on Tumblr  the internet news sites the other day, and thinking about the irony in my having started a fitness porn page to keep updates about my weight loss and exercise (you can blame Ms. … Continue reading

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Mature Women Fitness Porn

Sorry, I was just feeling lonely, so I picked a title that I thought would get some traffic. Hey, it brought you, didn’t it? Anyhow, Ms. Ferns is having a bit of a challenge. A fitness challenge. Ferns has decided … Continue reading

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To boldly curve where no woman has gone before

Levis, the most popular denim jean in the US, is under fire for retooling their advertising, in which they target “curvier” women, and which aims to attract women of all proportions. The ad motto itself is “Hotness comes in all … Continue reading

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I’m taking a quick break from all of this talk about submissive men being devalued, and femdom being broken, so I can get this out for some airing. Marriages are more satisfying for both partners when wives are thinner than … Continue reading

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HNT: Spring Training

Seriously, Tom? Not just weeks, but months without an HNT post? Isn’t there any love for the women and men (all 19 of them) who want to see graying chest hair?     I know it’s still a few more … Continue reading

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It’s a living

Pity poor Shigeo Tokuda, who is still working even after he retired from his travel agency job. From the Globe & Mail (UK): Husband, grandfather, retiree – and a Japanese porn star Mark MacKinnon Tokyo— From Monday’s Globe and Mail … Continue reading

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