Another year at the Edge

Well, it’s another year come and gone here at Edge of Vanilla Laboratories, and like most other bloggers I’m looking at my stats to see how much love I’ve gotten to see what kind of traffic has come through here.

As in the previous few years, about a quarter-million of viewers stopped by, the overwhelming majority of you were directed here as a result of web searches for some variation of male chastity and/or orgasm denial. Not surprisingly, typical search terms leading here were: male chastity, chastity devices, orgasm denial, chastity blog, chastity captions, (various named) chastity devices, orgasm control, femdom chastity, flr chastity, long-term denial,  male chastity marriage, husband in chastity, femdom wife, real-life chastity, chastity stories, orgasm denial stories, chastity lifestyle, enforced chastity, ruined orgasm, and similar variations on these.

There were also a good number of slightly over-lapping BDSM & fetish themed searches, mainly: vanilla femdom, femdom marriage, femdom strapon, femdom pegging, tight leather, latex dominatrix, fetish leather, fetish lingerie, fetish fashion, and femdom vanilla wife. Note that Mrs. Edge does not self-identify as dominant, nor do I claim to be in any kind of a FLR or femdom marriage.

More interesting to see, however, are the non-chastity/denial searches that have led readers here. Among the top search terms were variations of: mature women, curvy women, senior sex, frenum piercings, naughty limericks, fitness porn, and Rule 34. I’m probably not the oldest (age-wise) blogger around, but I do try to feature news items on people having sex above the 35 to 40 year old age limit that the media would have you believe is the top end of “sexually active.”

Fitness porn searches are obviously a reflection of the turn that this blog has taken in the last couple of years, as I’ve become more fitness and health oriented. I’ve taken some flack for this, but as those “mature” people know, maintenance grows more important when you have more miles on the equipment.

Admittedly, the staff here at EoV Labs have been distracted with various work, family, and health issues, all of which tend to draw the focus away from sexuality, as much as we try otherwise. For example, this time last year saw me in physical therapy for a shoulder injury, for which I had to give up weight lifting — which is just as well because by the end of the summer I had to go in for hernia surgery. Sometimes I suspect that I’m damaging myself with all this healthy exercise. Accordingly, I haven’t posted many HNTs as I have in previous years, but I’ll try to make up for it, especially since I’m actually in better shape than I was a few years ago.

Most of my blog referrals have come from the several major search engines, but not far behind has been Keyheld, the “Chastity Blog” aggregate that we started a few years ago. Right now, there are about 2 dozen blogs represented, and that number changes as we add and subtract blogs based on their activity level. Sad to say, many people get off to a great start, and then fall off the radar after a few months, a statistic which hasn’t changed much in the last decade. Femdom Resource has now claimed a top spot for referrers, and I urge people to check out Paltego’s daily picture and commentary. Chastity Forums is also near the top of this list, and I’m pleased to say that it has developed into a fantastic little community for people who are interested in the more vanilla aspects of introducing “enforced” chastity as a way to enhance their relationship.

Ironically, Keyheld, in addition to being my biggest referrer, is also my biggest out-click, and the revolving door is rounded out by the number of out-clicks to The Edgier Vanilla, and Chastity Forums.

One major change has been in the top named “celebrity” search that has brought people here. For the last four or five years, Marina Sirtis has been the single top name search that has brought people to this blog, and not without reason; the lovely, 57 year old Ms. Sirtis — or at least, pictures of her — have been featured a number of times over the years, and those articles also coincide with “curvy” and “mature.”

This past year, however, searches for Marina Sirtis have been eclipsed by searches for the younger, and admittedly much curvier plus-sized model London Andrews. This has come as a bit of a surprise to me; two years ago (back when I started  The Edgier Vanilla tumblr blog) I had never heard of her. Now, a significant number of my Tumblr reblogs feature London, and I’ve discovered about a half-dozen blogs dedicated to her. The really interesting thing is that she doesn’t seem to do kink or fetish modeling (like Bianca Beauchamp, one of my other favorites), but seems to specialize in erotic pictorials that show off her voluptuous curves in a sensual manner.

I expect that 2013 will see much of the same as this past year, although I’m hoping that our various work, family, and health issues will be lighter this year, which will allow us to be a little more frisky experiment a little more at the laboratory.

And for those of you who haven’t made it over to The Edgier Vanilla lately, here are a few pictures to help visually explain why London Andrews has become such a hot item.



Keywords: Marina Sirtis, Orgasm Denial, Thigh Boots

Okay, I don’t get it. I mean, I’ve been saying for years that I don’t want The Edge of Vanilla to be known simply as Tom Allen’s Chastity Blog, although you’d never know it from the search hits that I get. According to my stats log, the keywords Chastity or Orgasm Denial are the most used terms to find this little corner of the fetish world that I’ve carved out.

Unbelievably, though, Marina Sirtis is the second most.

Mark that: During the last quarter, out of the hundreds of visitors each day who are searching on various fetishy, kinky, or BDSMy terms that land here, searches for Marina Sirtis are the second most common. Second. Number two.

It seems that I’ve had a lot of hits because of a post that I did last year in which I wrote about the top search terms. She was in the number three spot back then.

If I go back an entire year… oh, hell, let me just show you the Top 10:

2008-05-20 to Today

Search Views
orgasm denial stories 2,061
marina sirtis 1,928
edge of vanilla 1,733
thigh boots 1,537
male chastity stories 1,405
orgasm denial 1,239
male chastity 866
tight leather 801
the edge of vanilla 414
cb6000 379

I mean, I can understand the rest of the numbers, but every week I’m always amazed to see Marina Sirtis never drops out of the top search terms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course; Ms. Sirtis is a hot woman who looks arguably better at 54 than she did at 34 when she was playing Deanna Troi in the Star Trek: TNG series. So, because of that, and in acknowledgment of the release of the latest Star Trek movie, I poked around the various image hosting sites and grabbed a few Marina Sirtis pics. ‘cos beleive me, I love looking at her, too.

The latex Borg fakeup is an image I’ve run across a few times, and was done by the amazing artists at 4-F Creations. I’ve run across their stuff on the internet over the years, and I’m always amazed at the work. While this image is not on their free gallery, they do have some really cool fetishy shinyness – if you’re into that kind of thing. And chances are, anyone reading this is into that kind of thing.

I love this picture of Marina in a white, see-through blouse. It’s very sensual.

Some of these pictures seem to have come from a magazine shoot, but I have no idea which one.

I like these pictures more than the Deanna Troi pictures; Marina looks more human, more approachable.

The whole “older woman” thing is working for me right now. Okay, we’re only talking about 3 or 4 years, but hey.

Mmmm. Marina Sirtis. I hope that all of you who keep landing here are happy now.

The Year at The Edge

Unbelievably, not everybody who stumbled across The Edge of Vanilla this past year was looking for hawt chastity porn or for orgasm denial stories. In fact, it seems that two of the top five search requests leading here have been for reasons completely unrelated to Chastity, Orgasm Denial, or my new exercise routines.

The third most popular hit has been for Thigh Boots, and I still haven’t been able to figure out why, since I don’t recall having written anything about boots or other footwear at all.

The second most frequent hit, and missing the top spot by merely a single point, is for “Marina Sirtis”. However, she tops the chart when you add the search term “Marina Sirtis naked” which adds another 117 hits.

Below is a list of the top ten: Marina Sirtis relaxing and petting a double entendre.

1.) orgasm denial stories – 1,554
2.) marina sirtis – 1,553
3.) thigh boots – 1,375
4.) male chastity stories – 1,365
5.) orgasm denial – 1,245
6.) male chastity – 959
7.) tight leather – 711
8.) Teri Hatcher – 642
8.) chastity stories – 642
9.) cb3000 – 446
10.) chastity porn – 384

Amazingly, Teri Hatcher came in as the eighth most searched term, and the second most searched actress. My own heartthrob, Kim Catrall wasn’t even on the list.

The searches for various chastity devices (CB6000, CB3000, etc.) totaled 1,627. The total searches on variations of “Orgasm Denial” or “Orgasm Control” was about twice that, at 3,344. “Femdom” and variations thereof wasn’t a very popular way to get her, at only 609. I did get 249 hits on “Frenum” or “Frenum piercing”, and actually, it’s rare that a week goes by without a few links from my piercing articles from my old Blogger site.

I expect that next year will see more of the same, although I’m hoping to see more pics of hot, older women around here. I’ve managed not to blow my summer weight loss by much with all the holiday eating, and with a bit of luck and some perseverance, I’ll have some more pics of my own progress.

Although our intimate life just seemed to be on the upswing, Mrs. Edge has been sick for most of the holidays, with colds, stomach flus, and various other ailments which have derailed the interesting parts. We’re hoping that she gets back to health soon.

It’s a brisk 9º F outside the Edge of Vanilla laboratories, but we’ve got a few projects that we’ve been working on for the new year that, we hope, will be of interest.

Here’s hoping that all of my readers are in for a safe, prosperous, and happy 2009.

Search me

Dev’s note on her top search terms led me to take a look at what my own have been; not just for last week, but for the last couple of years. I’ve sorted out the variations on the top searches; I’ve thrown out the searches on the blog name itself, and I’ve come up with a Top 10 list that’s not too surprising.


  1. Orgasm Denial
  2. Chastity Stories
  3. Marina Sirtis
  4. Thigh Boots
  5. CB-6000 / 3000 / 2000
  6. Chastity Porn
  7. Fetish Wear
  8. Frenum Piercing
  9. Vanilla Wife
  10. Male Chastity

Yes, after the variations on “chastity,” “orgasm denial,” and “fetish wear,” Marina Sirtis is one of the top searches that brings people here.

That’s a result of a post – a blog meme, actually, from last year in which I named the sexy Ms. Sirtis (Deanna Troi of Star Trek, The Next Generation) as one celeb that I’d like to top. I linked to a small pic (I found a larger version of that pic that I intend to scrutinize very carefully for the next couple of hours) of that actress, done by the incredible guys at 4F Creations in which Ms. Sirtis is shown as a sort of latex Borg fetish pinup, which has now become one of my most popular search hits.

Latex Borg Fetish. Hmm, I don’t see that on the list of search hits, but I’m ever hopeful.

And here I was, worried that people only came here for the hawt chastity porn. I feel much better now, knowing that people don’t see me as a Johnny-one-note.

This comes at a particularly good time, though, because Ms. Sirtis is only a couple of years younger older than I am, making her one hell of an attractive “older experienced woman.” Since I’ve already had a rant about the delicious incredible Kim Cattrall, I think that I’m going to dedicate this post to the celebration of Marina Sirtis: yet another woman who continues to be even more attractive as she gets older.

Edit: In searching the IMDB, I discovered that she was born in 1955, not 1960 as I had read elsewhere.
ETA: Added the reference to Deanna Troi for the non ST geeks.

Meme Fusion

You can tell I’m out of blogging ideas this week – 2 meme-y things in a row?

From Fuse.

Turn On Meme …

1. What are your 7 favorite tactile things that turn you on?
Sex (like oral, or penetrative) cannot be an answer.
(Examples: silk, light tickling, etc).

a) tight or restrictive accessories (collars, cuffs, cock rings, etc.)
b) scratching, especially on my back (and I’m not talking about an itch)
c) squeezing or biting my nipples and chest
d) squeezing or biting other body parts (neck, thighs, belly)
e) pressing my hips up against a warm, curvaceous ass
f) soft, supple leather. ’nuff said.
g) sensuous kissing

2. What are your non-genital erogenous zones and what do you like done to them?

a) nipples. Just about anything and everything is good.
b) thighs and ass. Scratch’em, bite’em, squeeze’em. Yum!
c) neck. Nibbling is the best.

3. What sounds get you sexually charged?

a) Moans. Especially semi-frustrated moans.
b) slow jazz
c) Soft gasps of just-over-the-edge-of pleasure pain

4. After losing your virginity, what is the longest you’ve gone without penetrative sex?

Nine months. And I was married at the time. Not a good memory.

5. What is your least favorite sexual position? Why don’t you like it?

Am I the only person who doesn’t care for “doggy style”? It’s impersonal and usually not very comfortable physically for me. Back to front sex is great, when we’re both lying together, but I’m not crazy about that one.

Bonus (as in optional):
If you could sexually dominate or submit to 5 people, currently living or deceased – which 5 would it be?

Five? Geez…

Okay, I’d bottom for:
Betty Page
Joan Jett
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lopez
Susi Quatro

I’d love to top:
Kim Catrall
Marina Sirtis
Jennifer Aniston
Beverly D’Angelo
Teri Hatcher

And I’d switch with:

Wow, that list was actually a lot more difficult than I’d thought it would be. I’m so totally cliche with those pics, too.

More on Kim Cattrall on this post.

More on Marina Sirtis and Latex Borg Fetish on this post.