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Real Life Chastity Couples

If you hang out on Tumblr long enough, and if you’re following enough people, you can see things change, as pictures roll around and get reblogged, like ripples in a pond. Something that I’ve noticed for the past few months … Continue reading

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The quiche is a lie

Some of you know that I manage a few blog aggregates — sites that are geared to the more vanilla-ish and less BDSM-y folks who have an interest in, well, whatever the hell it is that we do around here. … Continue reading

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Following a new path

It’s hard to believe that The Edge of Vanilla as a blog is going on nine years, after my having spent several years on various online groups (most of which no longer even exist), and that Mrs. Edge and I … Continue reading

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Exploring new territory

So, I was mowing the lawn (back when there was lawn instead of three feet of snow on the ground) when the idea started coming to me. Mrs. Edge was off visiting family for a couple of weeks, and I … Continue reading

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Can we talk about fantasies?

Mrs. Edge and I have been re-evaluating our relationship lately. Nothing major or earth-shattering; we’ve just been spending more time talking about what kinds of things work or don’t work for us, and more importantly, why they do or don’t … Continue reading

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