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No orgasms make for a more exciting marriage.

Yeah, some of used to do the “no orgasm” thing before it went mainstream. But apparently it’s a slow news day at ABC News: Karezza: Men Say Best Sex Comes Without Orgasm Matt Cook hasn’t had an orgasm in seven … Continue reading

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The Sex-toy Olive Garden

Remember last week when the internet went crazy because a 85+ year old woman wrote a great restaurant review about the new Olive Garden that opened in North Dakota? At first, a lot of bloggers were laying on the snark, … Continue reading

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Frequency Asked Question

So, I’m skimming my blogroll, and I see an interesting post over on Kink in Exile in which she asks: I’m reading some of the blogs linked off Keyheld, “an aggregate for blogs in which male chastity and orgasm denial … Continue reading

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How young?

I like my women the way I like my coffee: strong, hot, and witty. That’s one of the reasons that I read Fern’s blog Domme Chronicles. Her recent post “How Old?” has nothing to do with wit, though. Instead, it … Continue reading

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Are submissive men devalued?

This question has come up a few times recently; there’s some discussion at Maybe Maimed and at Delving into Deviance, and it’s been making me think about the subject; ironically because I had pretty much written such things off a … Continue reading

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Poll Dancing

Okay readers, it’s time to help out a fellow kinkster. Most of you know that I like to consider Edge of Vanilla not just an entertaining blog, but a resource for people in the community (for some value of community). … Continue reading

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e[lust] #8

No, I don’t have an entry this time, but there’s some good reading in the links. Oh, and I like the corset shot, too. HNT Courtesy of Blue-Eyed Vixen Welcome to e[lust] – your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations … Continue reading

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Take it, bitch!

Dev posted an interesting picture, cribbed from Male Submission Art that depicted an angel sodomizing Satan (or possibly another demon). That led to a discussion about the cultural perception that whoever is penetrated is somehow identified with submission. The flip … Continue reading

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