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HNT: Spring Training

Seriously, Tom? Not just weeks, but months without an HNT post? Isn’t there any love for the women and men (all 19 of them) who want to see graying chest hair?     I know it’s still a few more … Continue reading

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Spurting Fountain of Youth

I’ve really been enjoying some of the interesting science and health news lately. Chemical in sperm ‘may slow ageing process’ Researchers in Austria say that human sperm might be the next weapon in the fight against ageing. By Tom Chivers … Continue reading

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Hot ‘n’ Heavier

Okay, the comments and emails about one of my recent posts regarding heavier women having more sex than their thin sisters brings up some good points: From Rose – It thrills me to see someone, or to be more specific, … Continue reading

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MJ’s slave, on October 18th, 2008 at 4:11 pm Said: yeah, yeah, yeah to all that… Where have you been?? Almost two weeks since the last post…so you must be getting incredibly fit by now!! When might we expect a … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to. . .

. . . that Tom Allen guy? You know, the guy who used to write about sexuality, orgasm denial, male chastity, and (judging from his search counter) Marina Sirtis in latex fetish garb? After a few tossed off posts about … Continue reading

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For elderly, sex doesn’t have to get old

For elderly, sex doesn’t have to get old Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:47am EDT By Andrew Stern CHICAGO (Reuters) – Getting old does not mean saying so long to sex, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. More than three-quarters of American … Continue reading

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HNT: Ridden hard & put away wet

No, you silly people, that’s a term from the horsey set, not the BDSM set. But it’s essentially what happened to me as I was trying to lose 5 pounds on a vacation. The occasion is Mrs. Edge’s family reunion, … Continue reading

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HNT: Vain, my butt!

Yeah, yeah, I know – y’all just saw my butt a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been kind of busy, and Mrs. Edge hasn’t taken any shots of me like she promised. And we’re on vacation this week, and … Continue reading

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