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Spiritually bound

Tumblr has begun some soft advertising lately, which means that it picks things that it thinks you might have an interest in and throws posts at you, with suggestions that you follow that person. For reasons that I found amusing, … Continue reading

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You know you’re too old to be kinky when…

Okay, this isn’t actually me, since I’m still functioning pretty well. But it was funny to run across this on /r/DirtyJokes. Your idea of breath play involves running your wheelchair over your oxygen hose. You tell your subbie to back … Continue reading

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How to have sex like Mary Poppins

A little poking around Reddit this past weekend led me to a rather interesting post: Explain how to have sex like you are Mary Poppins. I have no idea what would have prompted the question, but one of the respondents … Continue reading

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Submitted without comment.

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How to Cure a Feminist

Now that Edge of Vanilla has a new following among Men’s Rights Activists, and with Pick Up Artists, I have to find some content that appeals to a wider range of readership. Fortunately, I can find almost anything I need … Continue reading

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