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How Kinky Sex Might Make You More Creative

Research suggests that BDSM can help people achieve altered states of consciousness Source: How Kinky Sex Might Make You More Creative In one of the more enlightened (or at least, kink friendly) articles on the association between BDSM and mental … Continue reading

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I fantasise about group sex with old, obese men

… said no woman, ev — wait, whut? I fantasise about group sex with old, obese men | Life and style | The Guardian. As a middle-aged guy who works at trying to remain fit ad attractive, this question to … Continue reading

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The meaning of mean

I’ve been writing on sexuality and relationships for, umm, a long time, so it’s funny for me to run into a concept that I haven’t thought about. That  is why is was great to have some feedback on my last … Continue reading

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Are submissive men devalued?

This question has come up a few times recently; there’s some discussion at Maybe Maimed and at Delving into Deviance, and it’s been making me think about the subject; ironically because I had pretty much written such things off a … Continue reading

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Take it, bitch!

Dev posted an interesting picture, cribbed from Male Submission Art that depicted an angel sodomizing Satan (or possibly another demon). That led to a discussion about the cultural perception that whoever is penetrated is somehow identified with submission. The flip … Continue reading

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