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Should You Cut Your Testicles Off to Live Longer?

And in a fantastic example of Betteridge’s Law, Psychology Today offers up this ballsy headline: Should You Cut Your Testicles Off to Live Longer? | Psychology Today. The maxim known as Betteridge’s Law states that “Any headline asking a question … Continue reading

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Attractive Male Submission: What does it look like?

So, I’m recovering from some (planned) surgery, which has left me sore, tired, cranky, and somewhat incapacitated. I can’t exercise, can’t walk much, and bike riding is out of the question. And instead of catching up on finishing drafts I’ve … Continue reading

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Skirting an issue

Okay, normally you’ll find me writing about sexuality and aging (‘cos I’m, you know, over 50 and somewhat disposed to thinking about that kind of thing), but I stumbled across an interesting article that now has me thinking about issues … Continue reading

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Cock Locking

Okay, first off, I have my kinks and you have your kinks, and they don’t always mesh. I haven’t seen the acronym around much lately, but back in the day, web kinksters used to write some variation of: YKINMKBYKIOK: Your … Continue reading

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My wrists strained against the velcro “luv cuffs” and the thick, cotton terry on which I was lying was warm on my back as my wife knelt between my legs and pushed the well-lubed dildo against my ass. The pain … Continue reading

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How to dominate a dominant woman

Because, you know, they all secretly want to be submissive. Not to mention that they will respect men who do this. I ran across this interesting tidbit this afternoon, and I knew my friends would all get something out of … Continue reading

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Transformative Orgasm Denial

Maymay had an interesting insight as to why so many chastity and orgasm denial blogs don’t seem to last very long. Things that are are more interesting than things that are not. Which is nothing new to you, I’m sure, … Continue reading

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Balance & the submissive CEO

This post started out as a comment to the discussion on my last post, specifically the discussion between Toni and Maymay with regard to the stereotyping of corporate CEO types having submissive streaks. It started getting out of control as … Continue reading

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