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Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome

Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome – health – 01 April 2011 – New Scientist.   Well, here’s another article on the benefits of masturbation. It’s old – 2011 – but I just ran across it today while looking for something … Continue reading

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Graphic Wanking

This Man Graphed Every Time He Masturbated For One Full Year | Every once in a while… okay, more often than I’d admit, I run across a news article that leaves me a bit perplexed.  This week, it was … Continue reading

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Wanking for medicine

You’ve already seen this, I’m sure. It’s all over the Gawker feeds (Jezebel, etc.), plus the story has been picked up by several non-major new wires, and some morning radio shows have been talking about  it. This story is so … Continue reading

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G Whiz

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have had lovers to whom orgasm came relatively easily. While I’d like to believe that it’s due to my own skill and attentive nature, the fact is that for reasons not completely understood, a large … Continue reading

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Transformative Orgasm Denial

Maymay had an interesting insight as to why so many chastity and orgasm denial blogs don’t seem to last very long. Things that are are more interesting than things that are not. Which is nothing new to you, I’m sure, … Continue reading

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Damn Wankees

Okay, this little comment in a recent article from Joe Flirt caught my eye: When you are used to relieving your… internal pressure… a couple of times a day as I am, it becomes a real problem when you are … Continue reading

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