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Sexual Economics

The blog “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” has an  interesting article up today: What’s the “Price” of Sex in Your Marriage? An Economist’s Look at Sex I know, you read the word “economist” and started to doze off. It’s actually … Continue reading

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Exploring new territory – 2

I mentioned a while back that I did something that I’m always cautioning other men around here not to do: take a full blown fantasy scenario and dump it on your unsuspecting partner, and then expect something good to happen … Continue reading

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No orgasms make for a more exciting marriage.

Yeah, some of used to do the “no orgasm” thing before it went mainstream. But apparently it’s a slow news day at ABC News: Karezza: Men Say Best Sex Comes Without Orgasm Matt Cook hasn’t had an orgasm in seven … Continue reading

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Rika does Vanilla!

Okay, here’s something that I rarely do – have a guest blogger here on The Edge of Vanilla. Of course, I’ve never asked anyone before, either. Anyway, long-time web surfers looking for femdom-related readings have no doubt stumbled across the … Continue reading

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Men are from Mars Earth, Women are from Venus Earth.

I’m referring back to the post from a couple of weeks ago in which Dee from Sexywhispers threatened offered to interview me. Because she asked such very good questions, the kind to which I wanted to devote more than a … Continue reading

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Well? How Did I Get Here?

I’ve hit a blogging milestone of sorts. Over the last week I’ve watched as first my original Blogger version of “The Edge of Vanilla” rolled past the 25,000 hits mark. I started that blog back in August, when I decided … Continue reading

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A new convert?

I don’t really know what the turning point for me was when exploring the idea of orgasm denial, nor does Mrs. Edge know when it began to come together for her (bad pun, sorry). She does remember that back when … Continue reading

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