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Can we talk about fantasies?

Mrs. Edge and I have been re-evaluating our relationship lately. Nothing major or earth-shattering; we’ve just been spending more time talking about what kinds of things work or don’t work for us, and more importantly, why they do or don’t … Continue reading

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Two roads to orgasm | Psychology Today

Two roads to orgasm | Psychology Today. I ran across a short but interesting article that touches on what so many people get out of orgasm denial play. In the Psychology Today blog, therapist Steven Snyder writes: One might say … Continue reading

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You’re shipping who?

I need some insight on something. My teen-aged daughter, like many of her friends,  has a Tumblr. Her Tumblr — like those of her friends — is nothing like my own. My Tumblr is full of pictures, gifs, and captioned … Continue reading

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Another year at the Edge

Well, it’s another year come and gone here at Edge of Vanilla Laboratories, and like most other bloggers I’m looking at my stats to see how much love I’ve gotten to see what kind of traffic has come through here. … Continue reading

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Because you can’t look under the mattress anymore

… to find your partner’s porn, that is. Well, not that anybody has kept porn under the mattress in the last decade, anyhow. Computer-savvy partners now keep it in sub-sub-sub folders like “D:\windows\system_64\applications\manager\binaries\antivirus\infected\deleted\asian-t-girl-boobies\” or similarly buried directories. Which is why … Continue reading

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Are submissive men devalued?

This question has come up a few times recently; there’s some discussion at Maybe Maimed and at Delving into Deviance, and it’s been making me think about the subject; ironically because I had pretty much written such things off a … Continue reading

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Chastity Therapy

Okay, can we stop now? Really, before y’all even get started, let’s just take ten minutes to gather our senses before you start with the silly “I wonder if…” speculation. Yes, you know who you are. This month’s celebrity-who-got-caught is, … Continue reading

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No Surprise

So, Mrs. Edge is in the kitchen, baking some apple crisp and banana bread. I wander in foraging for some food, and eat a few potato chips from the bag on the fridge. After a few mouthfuls I get irritated … Continue reading

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