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Weirded out

Okay, so here’s the deal: I have a new friend, a cute 27 year old woman who has been emailing me and being generally pleasant and chatty. She’s a professional in the local entertainment media, and we chat – via … Continue reading

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What is your sexual nationality?

Okay, this is too funny not to share. Are you British in bed? Yes, it’s a commercial for K-Y Products, but the Flash test leading up to it will keep you entertained for a while. What nationality is Tom Allen? … Continue reading

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Dating Scene

“Of course I want dessert. What, are you in a hurry or something?” Way back in the day, before she became Mrs. Edge, we were at one of those upscale Italian restaurants. You know the kind: they are usually named … Continue reading

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Rika does Vanilla!

Okay, here’s something that I rarely do – have a guest blogger here on The Edge of Vanilla. Of course, I’ve never asked anyone before, either. Anyway, long-time web surfers looking for femdom-related readings have no doubt stumbled across the … Continue reading

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Blog Candy

Wow! I mean, I check the stats daily, so I know people are reading, but it’s so wonderful to have people tell me just how much they enjoy reading this blog. I’m touched by the generous comments from my last … Continue reading

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Transformative Orgasm Denial

Maymay had an interesting insight as to why so many chastity and orgasm denial blogs don’t seem to last very long. Things that are are more interesting than things that are not. Which is nothing new to you, I’m sure, … Continue reading

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Out with the old…

Okay, I give up. Back in the beginning of August 2006, I bit the proverbial bullet and had a 3/32″ thick, 5/8″ long metal lightning rod implanted in the sensitive area of my. . . Oh hell, you can’t have … Continue reading

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A new convert?

I don’t really know what the turning point for me was when exploring the idea of orgasm denial, nor does Mrs. Edge know when it began to come together for her (bad pun, sorry). She does remember that back when … Continue reading

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