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30 Day Challenge

It’s okay if you missed the news item in February. I mean, it was from 2008, and all. Pastor Issues “30-Day Sex Challenge” From the CBS news website: The pastor of a southwest Florida church opened many eyes and … Continue reading

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Male Chastity: Why it’s really not a big deal

When I see the comments about male chastity devices in other venues (Yahoo Answers, Boing Boing, etc.) invariably a few guys seem totally freaked at the idea that anyone – i.e., any other guy – would even stand for having … Continue reading

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G Whiz

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have had lovers to whom orgasm came relatively easily. While I’d like to believe that it’s due to my own skill and attentive nature, the fact is that for reasons not completely understood, a large … Continue reading

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50 is the new same old 50

I am not a Sex & the City fan. Not a big deal, I’m just not a big TV watcher anyway; I prefer to spend my free time online. I am, however, a Kim Cattrall fan. At least, I’ve become … Continue reading

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Yay! Birthday sex!

Not mine, silly. Mrs. Edge had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I spent the last three days shopping, cooking, preparing, and cleaning up. One of her girlfriends helped while we sent her off yesterday to go shopping and … Continue reading

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Stereotypical Joke

Jokes are a great way to study culture because they often portray those things that people may think without being willing to admit publicly. I subscribe to a joke-a-day list, and like most of you, I get dozens of stale … Continue reading

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Dating Scene

“Of course I want dessert. What, are you in a hurry or something?” Way back in the day, before she became Mrs. Edge, we were at one of those upscale Italian restaurants. You know the kind: they are usually named … Continue reading

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Rika does Vanilla!

Okay, here’s something that I rarely do – have a guest blogger here on The Edge of Vanilla. Of course, I’ve never asked anyone before, either. Anyway, long-time web surfers looking for femdom-related readings have no doubt stumbled across the … Continue reading

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