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The Softer (Porn) Side of Sears – Part 2

I don’t know if you remember the wailing and hand wringing last year when the online Sears catalog took down a woman modeling lingerie because she was showing the shadow of a nipple. You know, just in case impressionable teenagers … Continue reading

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The Sex-toy Olive Garden

Remember last week when the internet went crazy because a 85+ year old woman wrote a great restaurant review about the new Olive Garden that opened in North Dakota? At first, a lot of bloggers were laying on the snark, … Continue reading

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Sexy Beast

The Goddess of Fauxdomination, apparently taken with my smoldering good looks and deep, soulful gaze, announced her arousal with a post entitled “Tomwearstheglasses = Sexy Beast.” Not that anyone could blame her, of course. So, imagine my surprise when Google … Continue reading

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Toy Shopping in Oz?

My new friend Kimba, now having gotten over her embarrassment at being linked to a “fetish” site, has decided to do some shopping for adult toys. As she put it: Since visiting here Tom I am now looking to buy … Continue reading

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