Chain support

Here’s an outfit so impractical that it could only be worn by a rank amateur or an established Domme. I’ve seen these little chain supports to hold up strap ons. I get the feeling that they are designed by guys who have never actually been penetrated by one.

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Wasn’t that a 70s funk band?

Mistress Lindi St Clair once stood for Parliament. Your argument is invalid, and anything I could add here would be superfluous.


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Leather or not


I can’t believe all these nouveau dommes who manage to find these smoking hot outfits in the same afternoon they they stumble over their husband’s browser history. It takes me all weekend just to find a men’s jacket.

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How it all started – again


And here is another example of “I discovered my husband is fantasizing about some kinky shit, so I’m going to teach him a lesson by giving him just want he wants.”

Happens all the time around here.

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Or maybe it’s laced backwards?


I see at least two safety issues in this one shot.

First, that little bit of butcher’s twine is not going to support anything.

Second, I think we’re looking at some potential nipple strangulation. Who designs these things, anyway?

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Just say neigh


In case any of you size queens are thinking about how hot this is, just remember that people have gotten seriously (and fatally) injured from horse cock. Just saying.


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Beyond Thunderdome

Here we see Dominatrix Annabelle taking her costume inspiration from a Mad Max movie.

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It really does exist

Some of you were probably wondering how they got five dommes in a room at one time. This is a trick question – this is the cast for Fox Force Five, a TV show about women who wear tight latex outfits, high heeled boots, and who pose and scowl a lot. Nope, nothing dommish here at all.

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