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Sexual Economics

The blog “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” has an  interesting article up today: What’s the “Price” of Sex in Your Marriage? An Economist’s Look at Sex I know, you read the word “economist” and started to doze off. It’s actually … Continue reading

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Why does it always end up being housework?

So I ran across this interesting gem from Outclick the Coverage. Okay, on to the mailbag. “I’m a woman, married and in her mid thirties. We have good, not great sex about once or twice a week, but lately he’s … Continue reading

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Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk

Can we all stand to read yet another article on this topic? From a March Medscape article: Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk A study on ejaculation and prostate cancer risk, which made a big splash at last … Continue reading

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Why Men Send Pics of Their Junk | Psychology Today

Not that this is a problem for me (I neither get nor send, and please don’t take that as an invitation to send me yours), but I’ve often noticed this situation ever since I had my first modem and joined … Continue reading

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More Male Chastity in the Mainstream

A little article in The Sun appeared in my Google alerts today, and after a few retweents I discovered that it’s actually a bit from a Closer article earlier in September. 50 Shades girlfriend reveals: “I lock up my lover’s … Continue reading

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