What Is Male Chastity? – Why Do Men Wear Chastity Cages?


Wait, wait what’s this? An article in a mainstream publication that does not make chastity cages look like some weird, perverted link, or is played up for laughs?

Shira was keen to explain that chastity kinks aren’t just about sex. They also tap into some of our most fundamental needs and desires: intimacy; vulnerability; and trust. “All kinks, including this one, are about going into a space where you won’t be shamed,” she says. “And kudos to those who do it.”

Men’s Health ran this article in June 2021, and quoted some actual users.

Opening up about a desire can be difficult, particularly if the desire goes against common social standards and you’re not sure how your partner will respond. “I think you have to make a calculation,” says Kenneth Play, a sex educator and founder of the Sex Hacker Pro video series. “It’s okay to do that math and weigh up your desires against the potential stigma level. I think people need to think about the worst-case scenario, and play through how they might feel if their partner does respond badly.”

It’s a short, but surprisingly good article for those of you interested in this sort of thing.

Chastity takes the pressure off their sexual relationship, and because Katie can feel more relaxed, she now enjoys sex far more. “The surprising side effect of our chastity is that we have sex more than ever. We use a lot of toys and we both love it,” she says. “He was always submissive, but now that he is locked in a device there is no pressure for me to please him.”

The article graphic – a banana behind bars – is sort of trite, but then, they can’t just put pictures of the devices right at the top I guess.

Anyhow, kudos to Men’s Health for printing a fun, descriptive article that won’t trigger too many people.

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5 Responses to What Is Male Chastity? – Why Do Men Wear Chastity Cages?

  1. Gerry says:

    Good that chastity is becoming more mainstream as that will mean fewer reasons to unlock!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Denied Boy says:

    interesting. thanks for sharing


  3. girlieboy69 says:

    Love this. Thanks for sharing and adding to the discussion


  4. Guy ofRI says:

    Thanks – interesting. I like that there’s some conversation in the mainstream world, but I’d hoped for something that would be useful to share with my wife. I’m new to chastity and my wife has been accepting so far, but my whole pitch was that seminal retention and her controlling my orgasms (and stopping my long term masturbation habit) would benefit her via my greater focus on her. If I shared this article it would actually undermine my arguments and might make her think, “ah, yes this is just another one of his kinks aimed at making his sex life better.” Great to get some press, but I wish authors writing this stuff would go a little deeper and explore more than the first thesis they grab onto. Cheers.


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