Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States – The New York Times

I’m sorry.

I read the article about a man who, in the course of being treated for injuries sustained from an accident, ended up that doctors discovered he had a cancerous growth on his penis. He was treated to the first successful penile transplant in the US.

Source: Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States – The New York Times

No, I’m not sorry about that. I mean, it turns out that’s a pretty good thing.

No, the part that I’m sorry about is that I’m reblogging this simply because 3/4 of the way through the article, I saw the name of the team leader and the director of the hospital’s regional urology program.

Dr. Dicken Ko.

I’m so sorry. I can’t stop snickering.

That is all.

This caption is not at all related, but for some reason I find it kind of hot.



Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk

Can we all stand to read yet another article on this topic?

From a March Medscape article:

Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk

A study on ejaculation and prostate cancer risk, which made a big splash at last year’s annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA), was published online March 29 in European Urology.

“This large prospective study provides the strongest evidence to date of a beneficial role of ejaculation in prevention of prostate cancer,” write the researchers, led by Jennifer Rider, ScD, MPH, a cancer epidemiologist at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Okay, good. We’re done now, and we can all get back to… wait, what’s that?

“Association does not mean causation, so one has to be cautious about interpretation,” Janet Stanford, PhD, MPH, a prostate cancer researcher at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle, who was not involved in the study, said about the observational data.

Really? It would have seemed obvious that more ejaculation is healthier.

After potential confounders were controlled for in multivariate analyses, the relative risk for prostate cancer was about 20% lower in men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month than in men who ejaculated four to seven times a month. For high-frequency ejaculators, this risk reduction was seen in all three time periods (P trend < .0001 for all).

But… there’s always a but, isn’t there?

Notably, there was no association between ejaculation frequency and high-grade, advanced, or lethal disease. The reason for this exception is not known.

The risk reduction effect seen in the study is “modest,” according to Dr Rider’s team and Dr Stanford. And they acknowledge that other studies have pointed to sexual activity as a possible modifiable risk factor for prostate cancer development.
Wait, so there’s a difference but not much difference, is that what you’re saying, Doc?

The researchers speculate what could be at work, mechanically, and offer one explanation: the prostate might accumulate potentially carcinogenic secretions that can lead to prostate cancer. This idea, known as the prostate stagnation hypothesis, has been around for decades, Dr Rider reported.

That theory might have parallels in folk wisdom. When these results were reported last year, a Medscape reader commented that the results make common sense, and urged his fellow male readers to “keep the pipes clean boys!”
So, a study of almost 20 years and over 30,000 men concludes that… it depends.

Ejaculation? Well, here’s somebody that doesn’t seem to be very worried about it.

Why Men Send Pics of Their Junk | Psychology Today

Not that this is a problem for me (I neither get nor send, and please don’t take that as an invitation to send me yours), but I’ve often noticed this situation ever since I had my first modem and joined chat groups. Not the majority, but a lot of men seem to have no second thoughts about sending unsolicited pictures of their junk to women.

I was raised to think that such advances would be considered “rude,” but apparently that’s not enough to hold many guys back.

From an article in Psychology Today:

Why Men Send Pics of Their Junk | Psychology Today

“Men are GROSS” is the most common explanation that women have for this. Others might add “They’re GROSS and STUPID. Do they really think I’m going to magically want to have sex with them now, after seeing their penis?”

You’d think that the discussion would end here, but the author continues:

Both males and females are commonly sending nudes of themselves to people they meet online, but women tend to wait until asked. That distinction may simply be an expression of gender differences in mating and dating strategies. The fact is, women are told that being sexually bold in such a manner is shameful and makes them a slut.

Yeah, yeah. Let’s get to the “why”.

Men love the idea of receiving such pictures from strangers, and they assume women do too.

It’s probable that some of this connects to the fact that in an anonymous environment, people, and especially men, are likely to engage in more sexualized behaviors.

Male mating strategies have always included an element of “boldness,” where men who are bold and brash sometimes garner female attention they wouldn’t otherwise receive if they were nice and polite.

Here’s the one bit that cracked me up:

Men fear sexual rejection, and by sending pics of their genitalia, they are almost getting “pre-approval.” This way, they get the chance of rejection out of the way early, so they don’t have to worry about being rejected or shamed once they drop their pants on a real date.

I’d venture that you could take this a step further: some men figure that if they get rejected right away, they can move on to more sporting prospects.

Anyway, the topic is amusing, so go read the rest of it. Just don’t expect me to send you nudes, even if you ask.

As for me, I can only imagine the reaction of Mrs Edge if I were to send out some unsolicited (or even solicited) pictures of my equipment.


Meet the New Year. Same as the Old Year.

Happy 2016, everybody. 2015 wasn’t a bad year overall, and we’re hoping that 2016 will bring us more sex, more intimacy, more kinkery, and more weird sex news.

Like this headline in the UK Daily Record, for instance:

Man fitted with bionic penis will finally lose his virginity aged 43 to £200-an-hour dominatrix

A man who had his penis ripped off in a horror accident in childhood is to lose his virginity to an “award winning” dominatrix.

Rose who won British Erotic Award for Sex Worker of the Year in 2013 offered to have sex with Mohammed for free after learning about his plight from newspapers and the TV show Embarrassing Bodies .

Two years ago he married but neglected to tell his wife of his condition until their wedding night. She left him last year after becoming tired of waiting.

There’s more to the story, but that’s certainly the best sex news headline that I’ve read so far this year. Here’s another account that links back to the Daily Record article.


And speaking of dominatrixing things, my New Year’s resolution is to continue my getting into shape from last year, so I asked Mrs. Edge if I could hire a personal trainer. No word on if if she would be a good or a bad selection:


How to have sex like Mary Poppins

A little poking around Reddit this past weekend led me to a rather interesting post:

Explain how to have sex like you are Mary Poppins.

I have no idea what would have prompted the question, but one of the respondents wins the internet for the week with his answer:


In every girl who’s pure–you think–
There is an element of kink
Just lift her skirt and SMACK!
There’s joy in pain.

(music begins)

And now that you have had a peek
At her quiet, inner freak
The cuffs! The leash! It’s very clear to see, that a…

A little domination helps a good girl go down
A good girl go down
A good girl go down
Just a little domination helps a good girl go down
In a most delightful way

And when the gender roles reverse
This isn’t anything to curse
Each person has unique quirks and whims
Some men embark on a pursuit
Of a gal in leather boots
He knows her whip will get his heart to skip…

For a good dominatrix helps a submissive go down
A submissive go down
A submissive go down
A good dominatrix helps a submissive go down
In a most delightful way

But let’s be careful not to limit
Our ideas of “appropriate”
To only those preferences we share
For oral sex is really great
Not only for those who are straight

But gays (but gays)
And bi’s (and bi’s)
We all have needs to satisfy!

Aaaaah-ah-ah-ah-aaaaah-ah-ah… “Cheeky.”

Everybody loves it when their companion goes down
Their companion goes down
Their companion goes down
Everybody loves it when their companion goes down
In a most delightful way!

And when you think about Mary Poppins, you can’t help but think of Dick Van Dyke, which makes you think about Rob & Laura Petri (Mary Tyler Moore), which makes you remember that there’s an old Annie Leibowicz shot with the happy couple dressed up in fetish gear…


… in the most delightful way.

ETA: For the benefit of those looking for some back story.