Real Life Chastity Couples

If you hang out on Tumblr long enough, and if you’re following enough people, you can see things change, as pictures roll around and get reblogged, like ripples in a pond.

Something that I’ve noticed for the past few months is an increasing number of pictures of couples in which the man is wearing a chastity device. Yes, those have been around for years, but the ones I’m noticing are selfie shots, or posed shots from phones or personal cameras; the couple might be standing against a wall, or snuggled in bed, or in a handful of other similar circumstances, but the tone of the pictures is that of a relatively vanilla-ish situations. No BDSM equipment, and nothing that would seem odd or out of place in any other context. Just pictures of normal (for some value of “normal”) couples, dressed, half-dressed, or undressed, and showing off a shiny new device, and often a key.

Even more, the pictures — most of which are faceless, anonymous body shots — seem intimate in a way that isn’t generally captured with the chastity porn that generally makes the rounds. These pictures aren’t captioned, the women aren’t making fun of the cage (or the equipment within), nor are the men placed in humiliating positions. They are just pictures of men in chastity and the women who love them.

One Tumblr blog in particular caught my eye back in July, but between my starting this post and now, they are sadly deactivated and deleted – which means that many of the Tumblr links and sources are now scrambled.  However, here are links to a few that have recently been reposting those pictures:

My own opinion is that the proliferation of inexpensive chastity devices has made it possible for people to just play around with them a little bit, and as a result, more people are trying them out. In the past, it was probably a considerable decision to drop $150 to $350 for a device. When you can now have one for $25 plus shipping, it’s no longer something one need agonize over.

Obviously there are more links out there. If any readers have stumbled across any more, please feel free to drop a link in the comments.

This is actually an older shot that’s been floating around for a few years, but there’s something about it that I really enjoy. It’s just a tiny bit fetishy, and her stance, and the way her arms are wrapped around his body just says that she’s whispering “Don’t forget who these belong to,” in his ear.

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2017 Sex Toy Popularity

So I missed this earlier, but Refinery 29 posted the 2017 (although shouldn’t it have been 2016?) listing of sex toys sold by state (US). Once you get past the infuriating slideshow format, it’s for the most part just as you’d expect: vibrators, dildos/insertables, and a few variations on that theme.

Except for Illinois and Wisconsin, that is.

I’ve visited both of those states, but I really do not have any explanation for what would cause either of them to be the top purchasers of male chastity devices. If any readers have any insight into that, the rest of us would really appreciate some enlightenment.

I’ve been watching this for twenty minutes, and I can’t believe that he’s not exploding by now.

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A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

Source: A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

When we hear the word “chastity”, we often think of virginal maidens hiding in ivory towers, monks keeping their hands to themselves and other such examples of abstinence. We don’t automatically jump to an exciting and exhilarating form of sex play. And, yet, many couples experiment with this form of sexual practice to enhance their sex lives. Why? Because it’s not really about abstinence, it’s about sexual experimentation, excitement and suspense, which can be very thrilling indeed.

Well, here’s another “chastity in the mainstream” article that I ran across, and you can’t get much more mainstream than LifeHacker.

The Oz version of LifeHacker had this article, written by Anna Lee, of LoveHoney Australia (the website, not the town. Not that there’s a town by that name, but it wouldn’t surprise me).

It’s not an article that most of the regular readers here would find enlightening, but just the fact that it’s in a fairly well known online news/information site itself was interesting.

Of course, once some of us start playing, it’s hard to quit…

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What to Do If You’re a Guy Who Struggles to Orgasm

Yeah, I’m just going to leave this here without comment.


I’m willing to bet that nine out of ten people who read this headline will think, “A dude who has trouble orgasming? Yeah, right.” Difficulty reaching orgasm is typically thought of as a female problem, but that’s an unfair and harmful stereotype. The reality is that male orgasm is not a guarantee. If you struggle to reach orgasm, here’s your game-plan.

Source: What to Do If You’re a Guy Who Struggles to Orgasm

For some of us, it’s really never going to be a problem.

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Mind the Gap

So, at this time last year I was trying out one of those inexpensive Chinese devices that I had bought from DH Gate. I spent some time modifying it, and for a while it was a pretty decent device.

At least, for a little while. Over the hot summer, I discovered that the ring cage style just was not a good fit for me, between the skin pinching, etc., so that device went into the back of the sock drawer with some of the others.

However, for most guys, chastity devices are like the Holy Grail; we’re always looking for one that’s just a little more comfortable, or a little more secure, or a little more… something. So, over the winter, I ended up with yet another device. It needed no modification (which, in some respects, was one of the annoyances for me) except for maybe a light polishing of any edges. It’s comfortable. It’s very wearable. And it’s shiny and unobtrusive.

Dubbed (for reasons beyond my understanding) the A272, it also goes by other names on the DH Gate site, Ebay, and Amazon. I wrote a little review on The Chastity Forums back in February:

Well, we may have a winner here:

This solid tube model finally came in, and I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable units I’ve tried.

I had ordered a spare ring to experiment with, and ended up removing the integrated lock section to wear as a full-time cock ring, and I’d been very happy with that, so I ordered an entire cage for less than $20.

I had some concerns in ordering the 45mm cuff ring because it’s only a hair over 1-3/4″, and I prefer the 1-7/8″ solid rings), but the ergonomic shape (it’s a cast ring) is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I was concerned that adding a cage and 4am erections would be painful, but it turned out to be barely noticeable.

The width makes it less likely to move around or slip, and the cage itself is surprisingly light weight (the unit came in just under 6 oz), making daily wear much less of a problem than my 12 oz Fort.

While I do prefer the shape of the Fort/CB3000, this has an open-end cage that makes it easy to use at the urinals, and easy to keep clean. Size-wise, it’s just a bit smaller than the Fort/CB3000: 33mm (1-5/16 inside) vs 35mm (1-3/8) and 60 mm long (2-3/8) vs 70mm (2-3/4) – but measuring the length of these things are tricky. The inside diameter is just small enough to keep me from slipping out, even in the shower, while the Fort needs one of those KSD inserts to keep things in place – although that’s partly due to the weight. Also, the size and shape of the cuff ring make pulling out (for me) more difficult. Of course, this is in a shower in the New England winter; it’s possible that a shower after a hot summer day when everything is loosened up may be different.

It came with a ring with 3 pointy teeth on it to fit across the guide pins (the teeth are underneath), but they were too painful to even put on. I had a chance to grind them back to something more reasonable, but not sure when I’ll get a chance to try them.

Well, it’s summer here in New England, although the weather seems to be more akin to April at the moment, but I’ve had a good four months in and out of this thing, and while it’s not the perfect device, for the $25 or so that I spent it’s very, very good. It’s as comfortable as my CB3000, and as shiny and cool looking as the Fort. It’s also only half the weight of the Fort, and the ergonomic cast ring holds it in place very well. And better, the end is an open cage design that is easy to use at a urinal.

I know everybody loves to see pictures that aren’t directly from the website, so here we go:

I did buff out the machined edges on this cuff ring; it’s not that they were actually sharp, but I could still feel them with my fingers. But they came free of burrs and nicks, so I was pretty impressed.

And I also ordered a spare ring, but since there wasn’t any need to modify this one, I machined off the locking tangs and wear it as a cock ring. It’s surprisingly comfortable.


The cage is a solid tube, and the welding around the entry and exit were smooth. The slightly bent tube gives it an angle similar to the CB3000 or Fort once it’s attached to the cuff ring.


Here are all the parts. That anti-pullout thing is way too sharp for my tastes, although I have no doubt that some of you live for that sort of thing. One of these days I may try to grind them down to something wearable for normal humans, just to try it out.


And here’s everything assembled, just the way it would be hanging from my tonker: 5-3/8 oz, or 153 grams for you people in the rest of the world. This is just under half the weight of The Fort, and the wider, flatter cuff ring is much more comfortable than the round rings, and more wearable than the customer stainless steel ring that I made myself.

And since there should be at least a small element of trepidation with any device, I do have some concerns about the small, brass integrated lock. I ordered an extra one (oddly, the same keys fit both), and it’s the same size as the ones from the A080. But… I’m a little less worried about needing one than I am about having one of the existing ones simply stop working. If you snap a key off in a padlock, you can Dremel off the hasp easily enough (fsv of easily). But my A272 doesn’t have much wiggle room to force the device from the cuff ring; if one of those flimsy keys fails to work in the device, the only thing that will take it out is a drill. Or, as I said in a previous post:

I mentioned earlier that I kept breaking the rings on the plastic devices. That’s not a problem here; as other people have said about their various metal devices, there’s something psychologically intense about wearing a device that you know simply will not snap, shatter, or break off by accident. I have an emergency key wrapped up in tamper-evident tape, but in a serious emergency, I could literally break pieces off if I absolutely had to. The Fort offers no such leeway — I either need to unravel that key, or medics will be cutting the device off of me. That’s real.

Mrs. Edge just wants me to stop modifying the cages. “Just lock the damn thing on and leave it on until I unlock it,” or something like that.

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