Sex geeks or geek sex?

Numerical Sex Positions

Numerical Sex Positions

And don’t even ask me about the irrational number line. . .

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14 Responses to Sex geeks or geek sex?

  1. Fuse says:


    I get the top three, but no clue with the others.

    I was shit at math though…


  2. maymay says:


    34 is just sex standing up with the receptive partner holding their leg up. I read √8 as titfucking, and I’m not actually going to try to guess the irrational number….


  3. 2amsomewhere says:


    You’d like where I work. On our internal homepage, one of widgets is a link to xkcd’s comic. 🙂

    I didn’t make the same association that you did with the square root of 8, but it sure does make sense. At that point, I was thinking he was just being ludicrous, like the the Useless strip. Another possibility that came to mind wat that he was doing a one-up on the joke about the square root of 69 (punchline: 8 something).

    As for the natural log of 2 pi, would it be possible that he could have been referring to a MFF threesome?

    By the way, some of the best parts of xkcd are not in the panes, but rather the hidden text that is displayed when you roll your mouse over the cartoon. The reference to continued fractions is no exception.



  4. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse – Sometimes it’s okay to simply laugh at the absurd, without trying to analyze it.

    May – How do you get tit fucking from 2.8284271247461900976033774484194?

    2am – I discovered xkcd a couple of years ago, but I didn’t become a devoted fan until last year. And yes, the hovertext always has something cute, and often more witty than the toon text.

    As for the natural log of 2 pi, would it be possible that he could have been referring to a MFF threesome?

    You know, sometimes it’s okay to simply laugh at the absurd, without trying to analyze it.


  5. NakedSource says:

    No 71 all the way baby!! 🙂


  6. Crushed says:

    Could be a double entry thing?


  7. curiousgirl says:

    hahahaha…that was awesome!….*runs off to share with all her two friends* 😉



  8. Patty says:

    You and Rona with all the math sex talk. I love it!


  9. root eight
    = root four x root two
    = two root two

    or have I forgotten my hyeat 10 maths?


  10. sexywhispers says:

    Ok…I aint scared to admit it. I did not get the last three either. Huh? Better just stick with making up my own numbers–English was always more friendly to me than math. It hurts my dyslexia! ~~Dee


  11. Rosie says:

    If the last is an irrational number perhaps it is a man’s view on the “seemingly” irrational behavior of women. She is walking away after all and he looks dejected. And she’s leaving because there was too little foreplay and no cuddle time.


  12. Tom Allen says:

    Dee & Rosie – I believe that you’re overthinking the cartoon.


  13. MJ's slave says:

    yeah, yeah, yeah to all that…

    Where have you been??

    Almost two weeks since the last post…so you must be getting incredibly fit by now!!

    When might we expect a new HNT, sir??



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