Road Warrior

I know the topic comes up a lot, especially on chastity related forums, so here’s something of interest for those of you who enjoy bicycling.

Cyclists go through saddles like crazy, trying to find one that has a decent fit and doesn’t leave your ass or man bits going numb after a few hours. I happened to stumble across the Selle SMP TRK saddle at a local bike shop, and for the last couple of years have really appreciated the thought that had gone into the design. It looks a little funny because it’s a split saddle (that is, it’s open in the center) and the nose dips down like an eagle beak. The combination of those two features made me wonder if this saddle would allow cycling with a device.

I finally got a chance to try it out last week. The answer is, yes – with some qualifications.

Note that I am a road cyclist, but I tend to ride on the hoods or up on the bars, and not hunched over in the drops (I’m not 24 anymore, if you get my drift). I wore normal Lycra shorts with nothing underneath (for those of you who didn’t know, this is normal. Think about it the next time you’re standing next to a Middle Aged Man in Lycra.), and applied a liberal amount of Gold Bond lotion around the ring. After I clipped in, I sat up, and found I had to move/twist the cage slightly more to the side than I would in snug jeans, but once I got going along it was fine. In fact, after the first few miles, I forgot I had it on, and kept going at a nice pace. Since it was my first ride of the season, I was just warming up, and kept to the flatter roads (well, what passes for flat in central Connecticut).

At some point I stopped for a drink, and switched the cage to the other side of my seam. I had a couple of minor pulls that I attributed to hairs getting caught. About 10 or 12 miles out I did notice that things were a little out of place (it gets hot in those shorts), but a quick stop to readjust set everything right again. I finished the 15 mile ride with no chafing, redness, pinching, or any other problem.

Again, this was a shorter ride for me, with no steep climbs. I maybe averaged 13-14 mph, and didn’t do anything unusual. The lotion held up pretty well, and I should mention that I’m in the A272, which has a flat profile on the cuff ring, so I’m not sure what difference a round ring would make, but I suspect less friction.

I’m not sure if I would try a 50 mile ride, although I’ll try a longer ride soon just to see how things hold up. However, for those of you who typically ride a more upright bike along the bike trails, then the TRK might be the saddle that works for you. Hell, even if you’re *not* thinking about riding in a device, it’s still a very good, well made, and comfortable saddle.

From the sound of things, her partner should probably be thinking about upgrading his bike saddle, as well.

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  1. thechastecyclist says:

    Might have to order me one! Thanks

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