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Tumblr will delete all porn from the platform | TechCrunch

I know the rumors come out every once in a while, but this time it seems to have been verified by Tumblr, itself. On December 17, Tumblr will be banning porn, errr “adult content,” from its site and encouraging users … Continue reading

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Bad sex award 2018: the contenders in quotes | Books | The Guardian

“Empty my tanks,” I’d begged breathlessly, as once more she began drawing me deep inside her pleasure cave. Her vaginal ratchet moved in concertina-like waves, slowly chugging my organ as a boa constrictor swallows its prey. Soon I was locked … Continue reading

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What spending two weeks in a chastity device taught me about my sexuality and my marriage Apparently I hit the wrong button, and accidentally posted an article that I was saving for later. After I’d had a chance to, you know, actually read it. Anywho. since a few people have already commented, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Eternal Loctober

So, Loctober is here, and the various forums and Tumblrs are abuzz with chatter about a no-orgasm month, and non-stop chastity for the next few weeks. It’s funny to see how the idea has grown in the last few years. … Continue reading

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Men Get Sad After Sex. Now We Have a Concrete Answer Why

Here’s an interesting article from Medium’s Mel Magazine: Men Get Sad After Sex. Now We Have a Concrete Answer Why When I first saw the topic, I thought it would be about the reported tendency for men to feel depressed, … Continue reading

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Road Warrior

I know the topic comes up a lot, especially on chastity related forums, so here’s something of interest for those of you who enjoy bicycling. Cyclists go through saddles like crazy, trying to find one that has a decent fit and … Continue reading

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Not shocking

I can’t tell if this is a typical domme neck belt, or  part of the shiny outfit. And for some reason, that strapon looks like it should be used as a high voltage electrical insulator.

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Tiresome Tropes 2

Erotica and porn have been on the internet probably since about 20 minutes after there was an internet. After various bulletin boards, web forums, Usenet groups, and countless dedicated sites, I (like many of you) discovered Tumblr. As many of you … Continue reading

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