HNT – A bit cheeky

I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t been able to exercise that little bulge off of my front and sides yet, but my backside is shaping up nicely, I think. This is an early morning post-workout shot of me egotistically admiring my physique in the mirror.

Mrs. Edge is still sick from some bug she picked up on vacation last year, and while you can’t tell from this angle, yes, I’m still wearing my modded CB-3k. We still haven’t had a chance to talk about getting back into the kink groove, either. She came back from her vacation recharged and horned up, though, so hopefully we’ll get to have some alone time this weekend.

46 thoughts on “HNT – A bit cheeky

  1. At least you have a butt, I just have a “hinge” as a certain person called it…
    Lets just say males on my side of the family have to wear belts…

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  3. Um, you are seriously hot.

    If you look like that in the alternate universe, I may have to start paying attention to inter dimensional travel. I’m pretty sure I saw a show once or twice that explained how it’s done.


  4. Kimba & DL – No, reading naked is okay because half the time I’m naked when I’m writing.

    S – “of a certain age”? Damn, am I that old already?

    Aarkey – I’m a “desperately crying for attention” kind of perv. Isn’t it obvious?

    ILB – Half Naked Thursday. Osbasso seems to have been the instigator 3 years ago.

    I’ve noticed, for whatever reason, that the HNT pics around the web are overwhelmingly women. Not that I’m complaining, mind you – I happen to enjoy looking at H and 3/4 and even 1/4 Naked women on Thursdays. But for women who aren’t all that interested in looking at other women, there’s not much on the menu.

    That’s why I’ve decided to step up. Somebody has to do the right thing, to fill the void, and to use bad metaphors while doing it. That person is me.

    E – My alternate universe twin looks just like that, but without the love handles and the little pudge in the stomach. And when he visits the HFDU planet, he even has long hair. Long salt & pepper hair, tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes while the sweat is pouring off of him, making rivulets in the dirt on his back and shoulders as he moves those heavy rocks from one side of the grounds to the other as he builds that big stone wall.

  5. Bun – Go ahead, grab all you want. I’m not allowed to go any farther, though.

    Isa – thank you😉 Normally I get called an arse, so I’m loving the compliments.

    Cat – Unless the “T” stands for “Tonker”…

    Em – Where? Where?

  6. I just kept focusing on the shoulder fuzz, I’m afraid. No, that’s a good thing. I loves me a man with fur. Mmmmm.

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