A Week in The Fort

It seems a bit silly to “review” a device that’s no longer being manufactured, but then again, it’s a silly kink we have. Note that there are other chastity device units being sold as The Fort, but they are not the same as the one originally sold by Extreme Restraints back in 2009 or so. I’m reviewing the original, solid cast stainless steel version that I bought back then.

As I mentioned last week, I’m locked up because Mrs. Edge is off visiting family. Normally we would be using the CB3000, but on impulse I went for The Fort, wondering if a few small changes might make things a little easier to bear. I had at one time put silicone in the top vent holes to prevent my skin from ballooning out, but this time around I removed the silicone and am using one of the KSD-G3 devices sold by Kept For Her. This has the added feature of helping to keep all the weight supported. In case you were wondering (and were too lazy to go back to the previous post), the cage itself weighs just over six ounces, and the A ring and spacers weigh another six. With the lock, it’s over 12 ounces of stainless steel hanging from my tonker.

If you’ve followed this far along, you’re obviously somebody who is really interested in this kind of thing, so let’s get into the review.

The Good:

It’s shiny, polished stainless steel. The outside has a mirror finish, and while the inside still shows the cast surface, it’s smoothed over very well. And the nice thing about stainless steel is that it will not absorb anything your body throws at it. Sweat, urine, bodily discharges, baby oil, silicone lube, WD40, you name it, that stuff will rinse right out. In this area, it outperforms the polycarbonate and similar plastics as being much easier to keep clean.

It’s solid. My CB3000 always has a little “give” between the cage and the A ring, and with good reason: the plastics can, over time, develop stress fractures. I’ve gone through a number of A rings because that tends to be the weakest point; the section where the holes are will eventually break. I ended up making a solid ring out of some stainless steel, but that just transferred the stress to the locking pins. And when I made some stainless steel locking pins, the stress transferred to the hole area on the cage itself. Stress, by the way, is essentially wearing tight jeans and going about your business. The Fort is so strong here that my bones will fracture before any of the pieces do.

It’s heavy. It’s probably one of the heaviest chastity devices made for the general market, although probably not by design. While you’d think that this would be a drawback, the weight is a constant reminder that I’m wearing a device. We often say things like “My ____ is so comfortable that I often forget that I’m even wearing it.” The Fort does not allow you to forget. I wear snug underwear and snug jeans for support, and I can still feel the weight slightly tugging down on me.

The Bad:

It’s noisy. The pieces fit together a bit loosely, which leads to odd clinking noises. My solid ring doesn’t make any noise, but the hinged rings that shipped with the original unit were lightly musical until I pinned the pieces together. And when you put the cage and ring together, the steel pins make noise in the holes, so I wedged things in as best I could, and put a rubber O ring between the lock hasp and a spacer, so everything is snugged up as tightly as possible. It sounds silly, but little details like that will make a device inconvenient to wear.

It’s inconsistent. The cage is actually a nice piece of work, but the hinged rings that shipped with it turned out to have been made of some crappy zinc alloy and chrome plated. Plus, the rings still had edges that were in some spots slightly rough, sharp, or poorly fitting. It’s as if they were made in a different facility than the cage.

It’s heavy. Did I mention this part? Yes, I know that some weight can give you a nice, comfortable feeling of being owned. But a week later, I’ll be happy to get out of this thing. The weight pulls the unit down to some odd angles, making for a little more need for adjustment than the plastic CB3000. I vaguely remember feeling a little soreness around my testicles when wearing this a few years ago, but admittedly that doesn’t seem to be the case this week. That said, gravity is definitely pulling on things a lot more — in the shower, sleeping, and walking around in gym clothes.

The Overview:

I’m glad that I gave The Fort another chance, instead of allowing it to languish in the back of my sock drawer for another five years. I’m one of the few holdouts that really liked the original CB3000 design, and The Fort felt similarly comfortable… at first. My guess is that someone who wouldn’t normally be wearing a device took the CB3000 to China for  and just tried to make a cast stainless steel replica, and completely overlooked the weight factor. A week in this was bearable; in fact, the first couple of days were kind of nice. But by Thursday, the constant readjusting was beginning to get on my nerves.

Some company used to make a waist belt to help support the CB-X line of devices; there was a steel locking waist belt which had a steel extension that dropped down from your navel, and had holes that accommodated the locking pins of the CB3000. It seemed like overkill, although I guess the idea was to prevent the pullout issue that plagues trapped-ball devices. A similar waist band would make The Fort a much more comfortable device, and help make it more suitable for long term wear.

Update: Mrs. Edge’s flight was delayed, and since I am just getting home from work, there isn’t  anything in the house for dinner, so I changed into some Dockers and we are heading out for a burger when she gets here in a few minutes.  With snug briefs, The Fort is a little more comfortable than in my jeans all day, but I’ll still be glad when she unlocks me later on.

Update 2: It’s Friday morning, and Mrs. Edge isn’t showing any inclination to allow me to take this thing off. Hmm…

When Mrs. Edge got home, she needed to remind me about something… although I’ve forgotten just what it was, again.


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13 Responses to A Week in The Fort

  1. I love this review. Even if this particular device isn’t available anymore it there are things to think about before someone buys a device. There is not one perfect one for everyone.

    And we like the look of steel…no reason to unlock you until she’s ready. 🙂


    • Tom Allen says:

      There is a surprising amount of work that goes into getting a good fitting device, and a lot of work that goes into acclimating yourself to a device. We’re all built differently, and our dangly bits can be a lot more sensitive than we’d imagine.

      Usually when Mrs Edge goes visiting, I’ll play around with a device using my own lock, and then when the fit is right, or when I’m sure that some modification I’ve made is workable, I’ll replace it with her lock (My key is wrapped in tamper-evident security tape). It took a few days of changing things around because I hadn’t tried it in years.

      She was actually surprised to see it when she got home. But there’s another blog post waiting to happen, so…


      • I know that there is. And we’re still tinkering with custom ones. I always tell people to do research before they just buy one because it makes a huge difference. Just because Mr. X thinks that it’s great doesn’t mean that it will be great for you.

        Can’t wait for the next post….


  2. dualdrew says:

    I thought you were absolutely against heavy? My new one is mostly ti and is almost too light because I rather miss the heavy feel. Just for fun, we all need to get the kitchen scales out for these and start tracking them by weight.


    • dualdrew says:

      (P.S. – good to “see” you back in the game, so to speak)


    • Tom Allen says:

      For long term wear, I’m absolutely against heavy. That is, if you’re going to be wearing a device 90% of the time, it should be unobtrusive, and not cumbersome. If you have to keep adjusting, etc., then it’s not convenient.

      That said, I tried to take the mindset that wearing The Fort was a “punishment” of sorts. Just the fact that I’m wearing a cage already reminds me of being controlled, but the heavy cage was more of a “You were wanking, so this is to make sure that it’s not going to happen again,” kind of thing. Did that make any sense?


  3. del says:

    Yep. Makes sense to me. I get that feeling too. Happy thanksgiving Tom!


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