HNT: Ridden hard & put away wet

No, you silly people, that’s a term from the horsey set, not the BDSM set. But it’s essentially what happened to me as I was trying to lose 5 pounds on a vacation. The occasion is Mrs. Edge’s family reunion, and instead of being cooped up in an oversized cottage on the Carolina shore with a dozen and a half in-laws, I decided to make time to be out of the house for a while. It’s tough, because most of the time they are cooking and eating. The kitchen is awash in cookies, chips, donuts, cake, sausages, bacon, cheeses, potatoe salad, and pretty much everything else that I’m trying to avoid for the next few months.

And yes, the parallel with the orgasm denial which Mrs. Edge and I sometimes practice has provided me with a few moments of ironic humor, especially when I’ve cooked a few things that everyone raves about, but which I won’t eat.


Anyway, the shoreline highway has been long, flat, and beckoning. Here’s a few shots of me mugging it up at the various mileposts. On this particular day, I started out too late in the morning, and got a bit overheated on the way home. I pulled over to the side of the road and waded into the ocean to cool off, shoes and all. And when I made it home, I waded into the pool exactly the same way.

I’ve scheduled this post to show up later, so I’ll have been back for several days when this gets published. The weather has been great so far; it’s hot and sunny, so I’ve been keeping my shirt on when I ride, and using suncreeen before I head out.

And no, I’m not wearing a sweater. I’m posing shirtless for the handful of readers who prefer the “natural” look on a man.

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19 Responses to HNT: Ridden hard & put away wet

  1. Kate says:

    Looking good Tom!


  2. kimba says:

    .. is that new facial fur you are sporting?


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Thanks Kate.

    No, Kimba, I just got tired of the full beard look, so I shaved it into the goatee thing a few months ago when the weather got warm here. I was going to shave it completely, but I’m waiting to get a little skinnier first.
    Part of that vanity thing, you know.


  4. RC says:

    One word:



  5. Tom Allen says:

    Eeep! I don’t think so, Tim.


  6. Luka says:

    Strokeable 🙂

    I like it!


  7. em says:

    Oh my goodness… no no no… men are supposed to have hair. No waxing allowed.


  8. Tom Allen says:

    Seriously, what is it about those baby-arse smooth male models that some women go for? They look unnatural or something.


  9. gillette says:

    Nice chest….;)


  10. Fusion says:

    Seriously, what is it about those baby-arse smooth male models that some women go for? They look unnatural or something.

    *high five*

    Thanks Tom, I don’t get that either… I embrace my fuzziness, or the term I like these days, fur.


  11. You are incredibly hot.

    Do you know I have a thing for older guys? Your wife is very lucky. And by the way? I think it is outrageously sexy to smell the arm or chest of a hairy guy.

    xo, Angela


  12. gillette says:

    Tagged ya…


  13. Marianne says:

    I do loves me a furry man. I live for pictures like that last one. 🙂


  14. darklily says:

    I’m with the anti-waxing group here. Shaved/waxed chests remind me of the belly of a fish…ick.


  15. Kai Dani says:

    testing 1 2 3


  16. Kai Dani says:

    You’re fuzzy! >w< *huggles the polar bear*
    It is always weird for me to see pictures of the people who write the blogs I read. I feel a connection to the writers, and their experiences, and it's mildly shocking to realize that I would probably not talk to the author if I met them on the street. Or talk with the same comfort I do online. A lot of this is age and sex, I'm young and female, and that means I have to watch out for myself, but I so often assume that if someone is talking about something I'm interested in an informed, respectful manner, they must be near my age. I guess I'm biased to think that the subcultures I'm involved in would be found negative by people of a certain age. Thanks always for proving me wrong. ^_____^


  17. Kai Dani says:

    …keeeh? Why won’t my post show up? Is it too long?


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