A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

Source: A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

When we hear the word “chastity”, we often think of virginal maidens hiding in ivory towers, monks keeping their hands to themselves and other such examples of abstinence. We don’t automatically jump to an exciting and exhilarating form of sex play. And, yet, many couples experiment with this form of sexual practice to enhance their sex lives. Why? Because it’s not really about abstinence, it’s about sexual experimentation, excitement and suspense, which can be very thrilling indeed.

Well, here’s another “chastity in the mainstream” article that I ran across, and you can’t get much more mainstream than LifeHacker.

The Oz version of LifeHacker had this article, written by Anna Lee, of LoveHoney Australia (the website, not the town. Not that there’s a town by that name, but it wouldn’t surprise me).

It’s not an article that most of the regular readers here would find enlightening, but just the fact that it’s in a fairly well known online news/information site itself was interesting.

Of course, once some of us start playing, it’s hard to quit…

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1 Response to A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

  1. Regina- says:

    The typical vanilla article about kink: all research; no experience.

    I suppose locking women up is a thing, especially in Australia. But in my experience dominant men are more likely to force orgasms rather than forbid/prevent them even if they require permission from their women partners. Chastity play/orgasm control as a kink is much more common in F/m couples.


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