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Sexual Economics

The blog “To Love, Honor, and Vacuum” has an  interesting article up today: What’s the “Price” of Sex in Your Marriage? An Economist’s Look at Sex I know, you read the word “economist” and started to doze off. It’s actually … Continue reading

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Throwing Shade

I don’t know if it’s an age thing or what, but when I hit my 40s and 50s, I found myself sitting on boards of various clubs and community organizations. I was off one certain board for a while, and … Continue reading

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Playboy to stop publishing nude photos of women, says they’re ‘passé’ – MarketWatch

Growth in internet porn pushes Playboy magazine to stop running photos of fully nude women, in a bid to make itself more relevant. Source: Playboy to stop publishing nude photos of women, says they’re ‘passé’ – MarketWatch I’m sure that … Continue reading

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Want more fun in bed? Spend more time in bed.

This may be one of those “Well, duh,” news reports, but like a lot of obvious things, it can’t hurt to repeat it: Women who sleep more are a lot more likely to do other things in bed, according to … Continue reading

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Graphic Wanking

This Man Graphed Every Time He Masturbated For One Full Year | Nerve.com. Every once in a while… okay, more often than I’d admit, I run across a news article that leaves me a bit perplexed.  This week, it was … Continue reading

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