Real Life Chastity Couples

If you hang out on Tumblr long enough, and if you’re following enough people, you can see things change, as pictures roll around and get reblogged, like ripples in a pond.

Something that I’ve noticed for the past few months is an increasing number of pictures of couples in which the man is wearing a chastity device. Yes, those have been around for years, but the ones I’m noticing are selfie shots, or posed shots from phones or personal cameras; the couple might be standing against a wall, or snuggled in bed, or in a handful of other similar circumstances, but the tone of the pictures is that of a relatively vanilla-ish situations. No BDSM equipment, and nothing that would seem odd or out of place in any other context. Just pictures of normal (for some value of “normal”) couples, dressed, half-dressed, or undressed, and showing off a shiny new device, and often a key.

Even more, the pictures — most of which are faceless, anonymous body shots — seem intimate in a way that isn’t generally captured with the chastity porn that generally makes the rounds. These pictures aren’t captioned, the women aren’t making fun of the cage (or the equipment within), nor are the men placed in humiliating positions. They are just pictures of men in chastity and the women who love them.

One Tumblr blog in particular caught my eye back in July, but between my starting this post and now, they are sadly deactivated and deleted – which means that many of the Tumblr links and sources are now scrambled.  However, here are links to a few that have recently been reposting those pictures:

My own opinion is that the proliferation of inexpensive chastity devices has made it possible for people to just play around with them a little bit, and as a result, more people are trying them out. In the past, it was probably a considerable decision to drop $150 to $350 for a device. When you can now have one for $25 plus shipping, it’s no longer something one need agonize over.

Obviously there are more links out there. If any readers have stumbled across any more, please feel free to drop a link in the comments.

This is actually an older shot that’s been floating around for a few years, but there’s something about it that I really enjoy. It’s just a tiny bit fetishy, and her stance, and the way her arms are wrapped around his body just says that she’s whispering “Don’t forget who these belong to,” in his ear.

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4 Responses to Real Life Chastity Couples

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  2. Yes. When the CB2000 appeared, we considered getting one, but it seemed a lot of money for something we might or might not want…


  3. A. says:

    Das bin ich !


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