Out with the old…

Okay, I give up.

Back in the beginning of August 2006, I bit the proverbial bullet and had a 3/32″ thick, 5/8″ long metal lightning rod implanted in the sensitive area of my. . .

Oh hell, you can’t have read this blog for a week without hearing about my piercing, right? So let’s just get on with it, shall we?

I removed it.


Damn, damn, damn.

I got it because we – Mrs. Edge and I – thought it would be a way to enhance the security of the CB3000 by figuring out some way to attach the device to the piercing. But along with that, we thought it might add some neat sensations for her (and for me) for those (all too rare) occasions when I was not wearing the cage.

Also, I have to admit, the entire idea of it was simply too cool to pass up. I mean, most of my friends don’t even have pierced ears.

Case in point: At a garden party last year, one of our friends was bemoaning the kinds of people who have tattoos and piercings in their eyebrows, lips, and places she “didn’t want to know about.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, “I never really think about that, as long as they seem to be decent people.”

She went on to talk about how crazy it was to pierce various body parts, after which she asked me “I mean, you don’t have a piercing, do you?”

“Sure I do,” I responded. She paused for a moment and backpedaled “Oh, an ear piercing isn’t so bad.”

I put my hand up to my ear and said, “Oh, I forgot about that. I guess I have two piercings!”

She waited about 3/4 of a second for the punch line, and then, hearing none, choked and dropped her drink on the walkway.

Plastic wine glass: $2. Glass of Cabernet: $4. Look on snobby guest’s face when they think about your penis: Priceless.

Yes, there are certain types of parties to which I get get invited, I suspect, only to give the other guests something to talk about.

Unfortunately, even for me the “coolness” factor can’t outweigh the “getting laid” factor, not for very long. After almost 15 months, the barbell still made certain positions uncomfortable for one or both of us, even after I switched to a smaller one. Worse, often trying something new or different would pull or pinch the piercing enough so that it would need some healing time, and unfortunately it’s just not in a spot where healing can be facilitated by, say, cool, dry air during the day. And no, wearing a kilt to work would not foster confidence among the troops.

But we would have been willing to put up with the little inconvenience if the piercing would have worked as an anchor for the chastity device. Unfortunately, even that didn’t work out very well, either – except in the sense that it kept me from having sex because of several infections caused by the inability to clean the piercing properly.

The problem seems to be this: we tend to think of a penis as being, more or less, a sausage. And for all practical purposes, it is; it’s a bunch of meat stuffed into some skin. However, there is a difference that I hadn’t taken into consideration; I am, in the local parlance, a “grower” instead of a “shower” (that’s pronounced with a long “o”. To rhyme with “grower, of course. I’m just saying). That is, when I’m soft and wearing the cage, I’ve got all sorts of bits that are squished into unnatural positions, and the loose bits of flesh get folded over and create nooks and niches and the like. The upshot is that it was difficult to reach the bits specifically around the piercing that needed to be cleaned thoroughly (the other bits were generally fine with a good spray from the shower).

I had hoped that by switching to the captive segment ring it would obviate the need to clean the area between the 1/4″ balls and the frenum, but unfortunately the ring developed other problems for me. The final straw came the other day when, after less than two days in the cage, I developed a sore spot from the ring at the edge of the pierced hole. After voicing my frustration to Mrs. Edge, we realized we needed to make a decision. She told me that since the piercing never really panned out in terms of enhancing her pleasure, and since it prevented me from wearing the device for any length of time, that she would be fine with me just removing it. We asked ourselves “Which thing gives more pleasure or enjoyment: the piercing or being able to use the chastity device?” Anyone who reads this know which way Mrs. Edge voted, and unfortunately, I had to agree with her.


It took about 20 minutes to remove it, mainly because I was so afraid of slipping with the jeweler’s pliers and piercing myself in another area. So now my jewelry box contains several tie pins, some spare brass buttons, some cufflinks and shirt studs, and three reminders of the year that tested my mettle.

Oh, go ahead and groan – who wouldn’t have used a bad pun like that if they had the chance, I ask you?

Anyway, the hole took almost no time to close up, and it should be healed very soon. I was reminded that several people suggested that a Prince Albert style piercing might be better, but nobody could explain why. Hopefully this will help anyone who happens to do a Google search on, say “chastity piercings.” And who knows, perhaps next year I might be brave enough to try a PA of my own; maybe for my 50th birthday?

That would be just in time for the next round of garden parties, too.

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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18 Responses to Out with the old…

  1. Eileen says:

    Sounds like a good decision. Not that you need me to tell you that, of course.

    I have had my stomach pierced. I have had my tongue pierced. I had my earlobes pierced three times before they finally healed properly. The tongue, stomach, and first two tries at the ears all came out. There’s relatively little bodily trauma where these piercings once were – a tiny scar on my stomach, a funny double hole on one of my ears, a ripple in my tongue.

    It’s hard to remember sometimes that these body modifications aren’t always permanant, especially when we’ve put a lot of time and care into maintaining them.

    My sympathies – I understand how weird it can be to take one of those things out. But also, now I look forward to many more tales of sex and chastity. :). I hope you heal fast.


  2. Toni says:

    Nearly 50 and you have not yet learned the lesson not to insert strange things into your cock!

    Well good luck I say, I have never had any piercings myself, although when I was a youngster I got my kneecap impaled on the spike of some railings ajoining a field we played rugby on – that hurt like hell and gives me all kind of problems when the weather is cold now.


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Nearly 50 and you have not yet learned the lesson not to insert strange things into your cock!

    Oh, and I normally hear that phrase somewhat reversed.

    It’s hard to remember sometimes that these body modifications aren’t always permanant, especially when we’ve put a lot of time and care into maintaining them.

    It’s disappointing for a number of reasons, and no less because we spent well over a year trying “get it right.” And since it does seem to work for other people, I never really thought it would be much of a problem for me.

    Looks like I’ll have to get serious about a tattoo, now, huh?


  4. Cat says:

    I am sorry about the piercing Tom, especially after all the time and effort. But I must admit I get a very ugly face whenever I read the piercing posts. The ouch factor is very strong for some reason. It’s not like I have a penis it just doesn’t look like a very pleasant idea to pierce it (I am just saying 😉 Anyway maybe a different type on your 50th birthday is the way to go. But make sure you don’t spend a year dealing with it…I mean you are approaching 50 you need to protect your sex life at all costs, you aren’t getting any younger….ducking and running btw.


  5. roo-roo says:

    I have both a frenum and a PA. I asked around about using the PA for security in a CD. The only options there seem to be an expensive custom device or a PA cable. Either way, it can stretch the hole because of that mild pressure over time. Grr.


  6. kimba says:

    Fuse has gone to Canberra to get a piercing done.. I hope he reads this post before he goes under the needle..

    Just joking *wink*


  7. Tom Allen says:

    Cat – It really wasn’t painful – except that first week. And it really did make me more sensitive for quite a while, although that was a mixed bag.
    And now I can no longer look forward to making you swoon… or at least, getting a “yowsa” when I post a new picture. Hell, without a piercing, Kimba will probably stop obsessing on my penis.


    And I don’t need to get any younger, as long as I keep getting better, sweetie. 😉

    Roo – you don’t need to have a tight cable on the PA. Hell, even a stretchy rubber band would work, as long as it doesn’t allow you to stretch yourself right out the back.


  8. roo-roo says:

    I know the PA cable doesn’t need to be tight, but normally I grow and shrink throughout the day. So during the “shrink” part, the tip of my cock isn’t right up against the tip of the cage. It wouldn’t be a lot of pressure at all, whether the cable is loose or tight……..but a little bit can add up over time.

    There may be a way to make it work, threading the cables through the ventilation slots (I use a Curve) instead of through the front slot. Not sure the cable would be long enough though. I really ought to check one of these days; PA cables are cheap enough. But now that I’m in the medical field, I’d first have to check if the Curve is visible under scrubs.


  9. Fusion says:

    Now you tell me!

    Shit, all that pain for nothing…


    Seriously, sorry it didn’t work out Tom, but you had to try, right? Maybe the PA will work, and you know what to expect now…


  10. Fusion says:

    Oh, and I’m a “grower” too, so I know just what you mean….


  11. Harry says:

    Have you ever considered using a Lori’s Tube with your frenum?


  12. Tom Allen says:

    Harry, I may have mentioned elsewhere that Mrs. Edge prefers the clear plastic of the CB3k. She likes to look at me trapped in the cage, and she likes the curvy, organic feel of the “naturally shaped” plastic cage. The idea of the steel Lori’s tubes turns her off.

    Fuse – What the hell, it’s not like it was a permanent thing. The hole closed up immediately, and a few days later even the scar tissue looks like it will dissipate quickly. And maybe I will try a PA at some point – the guys at the piercing studios keep trying to talk me into it.

    As to the grower vs shower thing, it’s sometimes hard to believe that it gets all squished into that little space.


  13. havingmycake says:

    Well that was certainly an educational post! I didnt realise there was an alternative to a PA… not that Ruf is even remotely tempted to ‘mutilate his best mate’ in either way but the thought of a pierced member always gives me a certain frisson of excitement. Now I will know for the future to avoid that type of piercing. Shame that one didnt work out for you and I look forward to hearing Mrs Edge’s views on the PA


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  15. Frank says:

    We also tried a piercing (Prince Albert) In October. It seems like it healed OK, When ever we try and use it to secure my Cb 3000 it hurts and gets infected. It seems any tension on the ring opens it up to let bacteria in.


  16. Allen says:


    There is a part of me that misses all of the feelings of the frenum pierce and a part that says good riddance. You were doing something completely different with the chastity device. i can’t sleep in them unless absolutely forced to do so.

    My best story was meeting my current and deeply loved and respected Mistress. She showed me Her tattoo and asked me if i had any to which i responded no, i don’t believe in them. But i am pierced. She looked at me (ears, nose, all around and then grinned). From this She told many of Her friends. H#((, not one of my friends or family knew about it), it was only for kink events to be seen. The feelings it produced when it was full extended – were ooh la la . The falling out once a month and frantically finding the pieces was worrisome. i never got in the habit of checking the thing every day so that it was held in place. i considered a ring as well.

    i had my nipples done long before the frenum and took them out. Maybe Ms. Edge would consider that. A tat is so, …permanent.

    Thanks and you were an inspiration.


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